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Product Review: Silk Almond Milk

23 Dec

Alright, so I’m just going to say it:  the best thing about Silk Almond Milk is the fact that it’s not soy milk. Yeah, I know, vegetarians hate me for the rest of my life, I don’t care. I’m still sticking by that statement. If you don’t like soy milk, almond milk by Silk is the one for you! I used it today for the first time, in my cereal, and it’s delicious! Don’t be shocked about it’s thickness when it comes out of the container, it scared me at first but it’s not that thick once it sits for a second. Also, don’t be surprised by a nutty undertone in your cereal. I eat Shredded Wheat so I thought it fit quite well with the cereal. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend cooking savory food with it – I haven’t tried it, but to me it’s a bit too sweet for that. I also would have to say watch your portions with this one, because the normal amount of cow milk that I would’ve used was nowhere near as much as I ate with the almond milk. It’s too sweet to have a huge bowl, so I actually felt fuller quicker.

I’m starting to think PETA has this whole ‘vegetarian diet: way to lose weight’ thing down!


Day One: Easier than I thought

22 Dec

Today, after deciding to tweak PETA’s ’30 day Vegan Challenge’ into a 30 day vegetarian challenge – I was at a standstill at my local grocery store. I could either spend the five dollars on the faux ‘beef crumbles’  or just going meatless for the week. I decided to splurge on the pound of ‘meat’ and made stuffed peppers. Completely VEGAN too, let alone vegetarian. I made them for my Christmas dinner with my best friend and my girlfriend. They were absolutely delicious! You couldn’t tell it wasn’t real meat at all.

I then went to the health food section of my grocery store and realized how much stuff I could actually buy! It was nice to see the gluten free food as well as dairy free food. I’ve got my eye on a rice MACARONI AND CHEEZE frozen dinner. I’m not sure what they use for the cheese but my goodness it looked delish!

Also, I’m starting to send out emails to food chains to see what I can order that’s vegan and vegetarian at their restaurants, so I can eat out. Would you guys be interested in that at all? Let me know!


If anyone wants the recipe for this rice and ‘hamburger’ stuffed pepper, just let me know! 🙂