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1 Jan


I REPEAT: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. You may be asking yourself: oh, why? isn’t it vegetarian? Yes, it is (it’s not Vegan, though, so read the labels, people!). I am telling you to not buy this product because not only does it NOT tell you how to cook it, it also does not taste good and stinks up your house. I have bought the Boca kind and I’m hoping that those taste better and I’ll be able to give you a better review on that product.

Still trekking along – it’s actually very easy to be vegetarian, honestly. I think vegan’s are the one who have it hard!

Any questions? Feel free to ask! Otherwise have an amazing new year! 🙂


I know what you’re thinking.

27 Dec

You’re thinking “Why the hell is she eating chicken nuggets?! Chicken nuggets are not vegetarian!” And you’d be right in that assumption, except I’m not eating chicken nuggets. No, I’m eating chik’n nuggets, by Morningstar. Fooled you all (well, at least I hope I did!). I saw these scrumptious puppies down in my organic and health food section. To me they taste just like the real thing, they smell a bit different – not in a bad way, just different – but who cares when they’re just as juicy and savory as the real deal?

I definitely give them a 4.5 out of 5 stars! They’re super easy to whip up – for eight of them it takes about two minutes in the microwave, and that’s nice if you’ve got a busy day, like I do.

Also I asked on Pretzelmaker’s (of PretzelTime depending on where you live) facebook if they had any options for vegan’s or vegetarians. They don’t for vegans, but for vegetarians they have ALL of their pretzels, except the hot dog pretzels. Pretty cool, huh? I think the best part of this ‘diet’ is seeing how much I was already eating like a vegetarian.