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A Very Vegetarian Yule Day…

25 Dec

This morning I had the pleasure of getting yelled at by some family members about refusing to eat the beef broth based soup that we would be eating at lunch. I kindly reminded them that beef broth is still ethically the same thing as meat, therefore I would not be eating it. They told me I was dumb for starting this challenge so near Christmas, but I didn’t waver and I won’t. I told them I had to finish what I started and would NOT be taking any breaks. If anything, I can thank this challenge for giving me some sort of gumption to actually stick with something in my life.

Besides that point, I believe the things I will be able to eat that are ‘dans la menu’ are Macaroni Salad and dinner rolls. Which is just fine with me! I have some Morningstar Chik’n Nuggets in the freezer, so I can just eat some of those if I get hungry, and have a gay ol’ time. For breakfast I had a frozen pretzel by SuperPretzel. I do recommend them, but they are quite expensive, so I would search for a coupon online for them (I recommend couponmom!). ┬áThe pretzels are vegetarian but NOT vegan.

Speaking of, apparently some of Morningstar’s products use eggs and are actually vegetarian instead of vegan…? This is what I was told by my best friend, which I find kind of ironic…but hey it’s Morningstar’s loss.

Happy Yule Day!