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The Organic Trip and the Not-So-Healthy Pizza

6 Jan

My local grocery store now has an organic section! Praise (insert divine spirit that you worship here)! I have been waiting and waiting for months for this to finally happen and now it is! I’ve been drinking organic chocolate milk, eating organic hummus and applesauce, life is just one organic free for all. I warn you now, however, that buying all organic is very costly for some very odd reason, and I don’t recommend it if you’re on a tight budget.
Now, thanks to my tight budget, I have grabbed a 69 cent Tony’s frozen pizza. It’s cheese, do not worry my veggie friends. But cheese pizza can get SO boring, don’t you think? I do! That’s why I chopped up green olives and green peppers and topped them on the pizza before I put it into the oven! See – you can make things healthy without sacrificing the yummy factor.
Also – I had the BIGGEST temptation I think I’ve ever had this weekend, to eat meat. I went to Perkins, and was actually surprised that they really didn’t have any vegetarian meals, just side dishes. So I got two plates of fries, and paid a ridiculous amount for. I was going to say ‘screw it, i’m having a burger’, but I didn’t because each time I wanted to, I thought of you guys. So thanks for keeping me so strong, veggie friends!