Inspired by my vegan best friend, I have decided to be a vegetarian to see if it really is all ‘healthy’ like it’s cracked up to be. Join me on my journey – everything from PETA, to grocery lists, eating out, and the whole ‘weight’ of it all.


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  1. Grace January 2, 2011 at 12:06 am #

    i commend you for trying a vegetarian diet! last year i did a month long vegan “diet”. the point for me was to really help me think about what i was eating and be accountable for it. It really worked for me so I wish you luck!
    After reading through the posts you’ve made i’m curious what you’re really eating. If eating healthier is your objective then I would make sure you’re eating a wide variety of foods. the main myth about vegetarianism is that its automatically healthier than an omnivores diet. this is simply not true. you still need to make sure that you are eating vegetables and grains and generally paying attention to not eating over processed foods and foods high in sugar, sodium and fat. I think one thing new vegetarians do is try to supplement their lack of meat/protien meat with fake meats and still dont get any healthy foods like vegetables. i suggest making sure you aren’t simply eating a bunch of carbs. The stuffed peppers looked like they would come out amazing!

    here are a few great resources to help you eat healthy as a vegetarian:

    when i did my month long vegan diet i tried to document all my meals through notes on FB – which would have worked just as well in blog form. I would love to see you blog about what you are eating! accountability is sometimes the best way to stay motivated and disciplined. for me at least.

    anyway, i hope you find anything i’ve said helpful, but regardless, keep it up! A veggie diet can be an exciting way to find new foods!


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