A Very Vegetarian Yule Day…

25 Dec

This morning I had the pleasure of getting yelled at by some family members about refusing to eat the beef broth based soup that we would be eating at lunch. I kindly reminded them that beef broth is still ethically the same thing as meat, therefore I would not be eating it. They told me I was dumb for starting this challenge so near Christmas, but I didn’t waver and I won’t. I told them I had to finish what I started and would NOT be taking any breaks. If anything, I can thank this challenge for giving me some sort of gumption to actually stick with something in my life.

Besides that point, I believe the things I will be able to eat that are ‘dans la menu’ are Macaroni Salad and dinner rolls. Which is just fine with me! I have some Morningstar Chik’n Nuggets in the freezer, so I can just eat some of those if I get hungry, and have a gay ol’ time. For breakfast I had a frozen pretzel by SuperPretzel. I do recommend them, but they are quite expensive, so I would search for a coupon online for them (I recommend couponmom!).  The pretzels are vegetarian but NOT vegan.

Speaking of, apparently some of Morningstar’s products use eggs and are actually vegetarian instead of vegan…? This is what I was told by my best friend, which I find kind of ironic…but hey it’s Morningstar’s loss.

Happy Yule Day!


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